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Founded in 1940, Çetin Deri operated in Bor, Niğde until the end of 2007. After 2007, Çetin Deri improved its technological infrastructure and with its professional staff continued manufacturing first-class leather in Bursa Organized Leather Industrial Zone.

Embracing quality as its main principle in leather production, Çetin Deri has established itself as a prestigious manufacturer in the leather industry with more than 70 years of experience. Always looking to improve its competitive power and export potential in the globalizing world, Çetin Deri participates in domestic and international fairs and organizations. Çetin Deri manufactures shoes, bags and leather for accessories with a daily leather-processing capacity of 15 tons. Annual production amount varies based on types of leather produced.

Building on its years of experience in the industry, with its experienced team and cutting-edge machinery Çetin Deri processes Nappa, Softy, Patent, Aniline, Yakma leathers, manufactures ready-to-use products and exports them to many countries worldwide, including Poland, Russia and other European countries.

Currently Çetin Deri operates in Poland at two different sales offices. Çetin Deri aims to lead the national and international leather industries; continues to invest in research and development in order to contribute to the national economy and serve its customers well.

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